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Stackable credentials study

Curious about studying a Curtin degree, but unsure whether you are ready to commit? Curtin is now offering you the opportunity to build your degree and study up to two online units, listed below, without needing to meet any admission criteria. Upon successful completion, you may be eligible for admission into a Curtin course


Digital Culture and Everyday Life

Through analysing several specific topics such as dating, music, games, faith, health, and politics, you will investigate the Internet from various perspectives and across a range of experiences. You will also learn to analyse the Internet conceptually, understanding how technology and society intertwine. This unit is nested within the Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications).


Introductory Economics

Introduction to economic concepts and principles, Demand and supply analysis, Elasticity, Economic Efficiency, Market failure, Introduction to macroeconomics, Unemployment and inflation, Model of aggregate demand and aggregate supply, Global markets.


Introduction to Finance Principles

This unit develops the rationale and techniques of corporate financial management built from the fundamentals of financial mathematics, interest rates, project and asset valuation, portfolio theory, asset pricing theory, capital structure theory, and risk management.


Learning Theory for Educators

Study an overview of theoretical perspectives on human learning including behaviourism, humanism, constructivism and cognitivism which can be applied to early childhood and primary teaching. This unit is nested within the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) and (Primary Education) degrees.


Understanding Architecture

Be introduced to selected architectural themes and concepts underlying the design and production of architecture. Architectural ideas and theory will be discussed through specific theories, texts, and examples of international, national and local works. This unit is nested within the Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Science).


Web Communication

Online communication underpins collaboration between people, either in formal groups or loose networks and is now a key part of the media. Upon completion, you’ll become an effective and sophisticated user of the Internet, able to deploy its techniques, technologies and underlying concepts for online communication, collaboration and media. This unit is nested within the Bachelor of Arts (Internet Communications).



International Trends in Education

This unit examines the current trends shaping education systems and educational practice. It adopts an international perspective and examines developments in theories, research and policy that influence and change education and schooling. It explores the major influences education systems and their consequences for schools, teachers and learners. This unit provides educators with the theoretical and conceptual tools to understand and respond critically to contemporary educational change.


Project Management Overview

Study the concept of a project, project management and project success. Apply systems theory to projects and analyse project management processes for initiation, planning, controlling and closing for managing scope, human resources, communication and stakeholders. This unit is nested within the Master of Science (Project Management).


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