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Application requirements

Master of Nurse Practitioner

Please refer to our application requirements before applying for a Master of Nurse Practitioner (MC-NPRACT) at Curtin.

Things to know before applying

  • Before applying, please consider your employment opportunities; this course does not automatically lead to Nurse Practitioner employment.
  • You must be available to undertake clinical practice during and/ or outside semester in health care facilities. Clinical practice blocks can be several weeks in length and you should consider the impact of reduced income during that time.
  • You will complete two clinical placements totalling 300 hours of supernumerary clinical practice in your chosen specialty area/s under the guidance of clinical preceptors and mentors. It is recommended that you obtain support from workplace management where you intend to complete the clinical placement/s.
  • Applicants are required to provide as much information as possible relating to their education and professional background to assist in application evaluation.
  • As part of the application process, a face to face or telephone interview is undertaken between you and the course coordinator, to assist in the assessment of your suitability for entry. Employer statements of service / reference checks are also used to confirm your advanced clinical practice experience.
  • You are required to submit an employer Statement of Service with your application. This can be obtained from the WA Health Corporate Network or your State Health Department (if outside WA) or private employer. Please ensure that your Statement of Service is printed on official letterhead.
  • You are required to submit a Curriculum Vitae with your application. Your CV must include the following:
    – employment dates (dd/mm/yy) and details for each position, including clinical responsibilities and if role was full-time or part-time.
    – demonstrated ongoing education and professional development
    – evidence of active involvement in professional organisations and contribution to the profession/area of specialisation
    – Contact details for two professional referees. These contact details must include the referees’ full name, job title, and current telephone number and email address.

Inherent Requirements

Master of Nurse Practitioner inherent requirements [.pdf – 393kB]

A signed letter of support from employer

The applicant will need a signed letter of support from employer detailing the following;

  • The employment status of the applicant
  • You will complete two clinical placements totalling 300 hours of super-numerary clinical practice (100 supernumerary hours in the first internship and 200 hours supernumerary hours in the second internship) in your chosen speciality area/s under the guidance of clinical preceptors and mentors. Part of the first internship must be conducted external to the student’s normal workplace.
  • It is recommended that you obtain support from workplace management where you intend to complete the clinical placement/s. Employers are not obliged to make a position available within their workplace, only to acknowledge and confirm support for you to undertake supernumerary clinical practicums.

Referee Statement

Instructions for applicant

Please ensure that each referee completes a separate Referee Statement (Part 1 & 2). If you have any queries about this form please contact the Admissions Office. Evidence of completion of the requisite advanced practice nursing experience and capabilities must be provided in this Referee Statement before admission can proceed.

Instructions for referee

A Referee Statement is required to provide evidence of advanced practice nursing experience, in particular:

  • the applicant has completed a minimum of two years full-time equivalent (FTE) as a registered nurse in a specified clinical field and two years FTE of current (within the previous six years) advanced practice nursing in this same clinical field.

Additionally, an official letter which includes confirmation of employment and an official job description form (JDF) describing duties performed/scope of practice relating to the employment described below must be provided.

The applicant is required to have this document completed by senior colleagues or managers who have worked closely with the applicant for over 12 months and can confirm the applicant’s advanced practice nursing and capabilities.

Documents to submit with your application

Please submit the following documents with your application:

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