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Application requirements

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

The selection process page and the key dates and deadlines page within the 2021 Admissions Guide has been updated. Please refer to the Admissions Guide regularly for any future updates.

If you’re looking to apply for our Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course, please refer to the MBBS Admissions Guide before completing your application.

The MBBS Admissions Guide contains information about admission criteria, requirements and eligibility. It is imperative that applicants familiarise themselves with the guide to ensure they understand the requirements of the admission and application process.

2021 Admissions Guide (updated 5/11/2020)

In addition, applicants should be aware that medicine can be a demanding profession, with a number of inherent and professional requirements for students.

Note as a requirement of the MBBS, students are expected to undertake clinical placements, working directly with patients. As part of eligibility, students are required to obtain clearance in several areas. Please refer to the MBBS Admissions Guide.

Applicants may be required to provide additional supporting documentation with their application. The additional forms are now available to download below.

Rural background and equity form
An additional application form will be required for rural background entry and equity entry. This form is to be submitted directly to the Curtin Medical School. Download the form

Indigenous Entry Applications
Indigenous entry applications are by application to the Centre for Aboriginal Studies and applicants must meet the minimum admission criteria set out in the form. Download the form

Predicted ATAR form
For school leavers, a predicted ATAR form is to be provided by their secondary school principal. Download the form

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