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Doctor of Physiotherapy application requirements

Please refer to our application requirements before applying for a Doctor of Physiotherapy (MX-PHYTH) at Curtin.

Things to know before applying

  • This course needs to be undertaken full-time over six semesters plus an initial intensive seven week study period in January-February of the first year. This course is only offered full-time and is completed in three years.
  • This course commences in early January each year.
  • Completion of the course’s 600 credits is necessary for physiotherapy registration eligibility. Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) for a very limited number of units may be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Centrelink classifies this course as postgraduate; therefore students are not eligible for Youth Allowance or Austudy.
  • Deferment of an offer to the following year is not allowed.
  • Entry is competitive and only 30 places are offered each year. Applicants are required to submit as much information as possible relating to their education and professional background to assist in the evaluation of their application. This includes completing all sections of the application and attaching all requested documentation.
  • Overseas trained physiotherapists are also eligible to apply to this course but should consider applying for the Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) as well.

Documents to submit with your application

Please submit the following documents with your application:

    • academic transcript and award certificate
    • a completed personal statement [.pdf – 21 kB]
    • two completed referee reports [.pdf – 614 kB] – at least one of which is academic.
  • Evidence of study in particular subject field(s) at university level is essential. These essential subject field(s) of study are:
    i. Musculoskeletal anatomy
    ii. Health Research Methods or Evidence-based practice
    iii. Human biology or physiology

It is essential that excellent marks are achieved in these subjects and that the anatomy unit that you complete is solely about the musculoskeletal system, ie bones, joints and muscles, and not about cells, embryology or a general overview of the whole body

You are required to self-identify the unit(s) you have or are in the process of completing which you consider to meet these specific unit prerequisite requirements on the template document which is downloadable here.

You must provide this completed template as part of your application. Please ensure you also provide unit outlines for all units you have self-identified on the template if you have completed these units at an institution other than Curtin.
These unit outlines must contain the syllabus, learning outcomes and assessment for each of the prerequisite unit(s) listed.


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