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Application guidelines

Special consideration is only available to domestic students. If you’re an international student, please view pathways available to you.


An application for special consideration is only for students new to Curtin.

If you are a current student, you are not eligible to apply through this process; for advice and/or academic counselling please liaise with the Student Wellbeing Advisors regarding your current circumstances.

The circumstances may be one-off occurrences or ongoing situations such as but not limited to:

  • Medical condition and/or disability
  • Accidental injury
  • Caring for ill or injured close family members
  • Financial hardship
  • Close family bereavement
  • Incorrect advice provided by a previous educational institution or Curtin.

Alternatively, the disadvantage may be a result of being part of an equity group such as:

  • Low socio-economic (SES) background
  • People from rural and isolated backgrounds
  • People with disabilities
  • Indigenous Australians.

For some circumstances, Curtin has established entry pathways other than special consideration, such as bridging or enabling courses. In assessing the application for special consideration the panel will advise you if there are other pathways more suitable to obtain University entry.


Whilst each application will be considered on its own merits, the following guidelines will be taken into account:

  • Whether special consideration has already been given to you. Please be aware if you have already received consideration from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority under their Sickness and Misadventure, Special Examination Arrangement or Alternative Examination policies you will not be eligible for additional special consideration from Curtin University.
  • Do you meet Curtin University’s English language proficiency? Curtin requires that all entrants meet certain standards of English language proficiency to ensure they are successful in their studies.
  • Do you have a reasonable chance of success in completing your studies at Curtin? In some instances, your circumstances may have left you unprepared for tertiary studies. Whilst this may not be your fault, the University has a duty of care to ensure that you are not put into a situation where you will not have a reasonable chance of passing – which will just put you under more pressure.
  • If you have a long-term condition which has been present for a number of years, then we may assume that you and your educational institution have made adjustments for this. Hence, your academic results should accurately reflect your ability to attempt tertiary studies.
  • If you have not achieved an ATAR score or successfully completed any tertiary studies, we will usually advise you to consider enrolling in a University enabling course in the first instance.
  • We will not take into consideration the course in which you wish to enrol and its indicative ATAR score.
  • We believe that, if adherence to religious custom has affected your study or exams, this would have been addressed by the educational institution and/or the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

Circumstances that do not normally lead to special consideration

  • If you feel that the standard of teaching at your school, the curricula or school resources were insufficient.
  • If you feel you had a lack of opportunity to access pre-university education (i.e. you had been denied the opportunity to obtain preparatory skills, such as Year 12). In this case, whilst it is not appropriate to give you special consideration allowing direct access to tertiary studies, there may be other avenues available to you to prepare you for tertiary studies.

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