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Apply for special consideration

Special consideration is only available to domestic students. If you’re an international student, please view pathways available to you.

Follow the steps below to apply for special consideration.

  1. Read the guidelines for application to see if you’re eligible for special consideration.
  2. If you are applying for an undergraduate course during the TISC admission rounds then apply for your Curtin University course through TISC in the usual TISC process and prior to the TISC deadlines. Go to point 4.
  3. If you are applying for entry during Curtin’s midyear intake or outside the TISC rounds your course application for admission should be submitted online via the apply now button on your chosen course page. Your Special Consideration application should be submitted to the Admissions office at a minimum of one month prior to the commencement of the semester. Please follow our scanned documents and certification requirements to ensure you provide the correct documentation.
  4. Download the special consideration application form [.pdf – 270kB] or call the Admissions Office on 1300 222 888 and we will send you a hard copy of the form.
  5. Download the medical evidence form [.pdf – 799kB] and have this completed by your health professional if you are applying for special consideration based on a medical condition. If it is impossible to have the Medical Evidence Form completed please state the reasons for this in your personal statement.
  6. Write a personal statement which should be an honest explanation, in your own words, of the circumstances which have affected your preparation for entry to University and the severity of their impact on your studies. It should be no more than the equivalent of one A4 page of single-spaced typing in length and must be signed by you. Only the first page of any personal statement will be considered. If contact has already been made with the relevant Course Coordinator or Head of School, University Counselling, or Ethics Equity and Social Justice, you should note the details in your personal statement.
  7. Every circumstance you put forward for consideration, which you believe has affected your studies, must be supported by an official statement of confirmation by an appropriate professional. If you state that illness has affected your studies then you should not only have a medical certificate but you must have official confirmation of the impact of the circumstances on your studies. This could be stated on the Medical Evidence Form or school leavers could obtain a statement from your year coordinator to confirm the impact on your studies.
  8. Attach the following to the completed Special Consideration application:
    • Your personal statement
    • Medical certificates and/ or medical evidence form
    • Statements from your school/ institution regarding the impact on your studies
    • School reports for years 11 and 12
    • Other documents as needed
    • Do not supply your CV or personal references from family or others.
  9. Please submit your documents via email to The Manager, Admissions Office at
  10. If applying for special consideration based on a medical condition or disability we recommend applicants contact an AccessAbility Advisor at the AccessAbility services on +61 8 9266 7850 or email to seek advice about studying at the University. At this stage it will also be beneficial for applicants to speak with the relevant Course Coordinator or Head of School regarding obtaining further course information; the AccessAbility services is able to assist with that liaison. Alternatively if applying based on equity we recommend applicants contact the Manager, Student Equity & Diversity on +61 8 9266 7914.

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