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Criminal record screening and clearance

Many of our courses require you to undertake an external clinical placement, practicum or other fieldwork to ensure you have not only a sound theoretical understanding, but the ability to put your learning into practice and to ensure you are job-ready upon graduation. Hospitals, schools, welfare agencies and other organisations which have substantial dealings with people now require their employees and associates be subject to criminal record checks. You will need to undergo a National Criminal History Record Check (NCHRC) and obtain a clearance before you will be eligible to undertake any placement, practicum or fieldwork for your course.

A criminal record does not necessarily preclude you from participating in an external placement, clinical practice or practicum. However, external agencies have advised that convictions leading to 12 months imprisonment or more for crimes:

  • of a violent or sexual nature;
  • where the victim was under 18 years of age or elderly;
  • for dealing or trafficking in drugs; or
  • involving fraud,

are likely to lead to a refusal to provide any placement involving contact with the public.

Full details about the record check and clearance will be issued with your offer of a place or at the time of enrolment if your application to study at Curtin is successful. You will need to ensure the record check you undertake is approved by the body governing your field. Education students should refer to the Department of Education and Training (WA) site while health science students should visit the Department of Health (WA) site. If you are undertaking a double degree in education and health science, you must ensure that your record check meets the requirements of both departments. If your placement will involve working with children under the age of 18, you should also refer to the Working with Children policy.

The National Criminal History Record Check is performed by CrimTrac. You will need to meet any costs associated with the record check.

Please be aware that if you apply for a clearance and have a conviction relating to offences of a violent or sexual nature or where the victim was under 18 years of age or elderly, this information will be placed on a national database and made available to other authorities. You can obtain confidential advice about this or any other concerns you may have regarding the record check from the following agencies:

  • Head of University Counselling Services at Curtin on +61 8 9266 7850
  • Department of Health (WA) on +61 8 9222 4222
  • Department of Education and Training (WA) on +61 8 9264 4111.