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A brain-based holistic approach to well-being, teaching and learning

Friday, 4 June

Learn how to help students realise and reach their potential using a brain-based holistic approach to well-being, teaching and learning.

This workshop provides teachers with a clear understanding of the brain-science for well-being, teaching & learning – plus how to make practical use of this knowledge– in every lesson, every day.

The day is arranged into 12 key topics to improve staff and student well-being, whilst simultaneously improving teaching and learning practices and outcomes, showing clearly how these are all inextricably interconnected. We call it: The Daily Dozen for Well-Being, Teaching & Learning.

What will you learn?

  • Ways to make your teaching memorable & meaningful; increase curiosity, critical thinking & creativity; boost attention & engagement; improve student voice & choice; and beat boredom & bad behaviour.
  • How to manage your own stress & improve your holistic health & well-being – in & out of school.
  • What to do and say, to make teaching and learning as ENJOYABLE, EASY, ENGAGING, EMPOWERING and EFFECTIVE as possible, for teachers AND students at the same time.
  • Ways to raise teacher & student well-being & learning outcomes simultaneously.
  • The inherent link between learning & well-being from an Educational Neuroscience & Psychology perspective.
  • How to motivate, excite and engage your students in the learning process – in every lesson.
  • How to minimise student stress & disruptive behaviour and maximise student well-being & academic achievement.
  • How to enjoy your role as a teacher by easily linking educational neuroscience theory, with classroom pedagogical practice.

On completion, participants will receive a certificate of participation.

About the facilitators

Tammy-Anne Caldwell

Tammy-Anne is a teacher of 9 years, having taught mainly Year 3 to 8. She is a 2020 semi-finalist in the Western Australia Regional Achievement & Community / Curtin University Teaching Excellence Awards, an accredited, experienced Social-Emotional Learning trainer, a member of the Flying Teacher Squad, a motivational international presenter, and an experienced, qualified Educational Neuroscience specialist.

Todd Budden

After spending 11 years working in the Media & Education Industry, including as Director of Audio for Channel 7 in WA, Todd is now putting his 7 years of self-directed study in the fields of Nutrition, Movement, Meditation & Mindfulness, into practice, combining this with his knowledge of Music & Sound, to help the next generation meet their true potential.