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Switch program

Prioritising innovation today has been the key to unlocking post crisis growth but how do you sustain this innovation that has rapidly been forced on us?

Our immersive two-day Switch program will provide you with learning methods, models, and frameworks that can help to foster systematic, repeatable, sustainable and scalable approaches to innovation.

Over two intensive days, you will work with an innovation model and selected tools with a small team coopetition model to generate options that are desirable, feasible and valuable.

You’ll have countless opportunities to learn from like-minded people, giving you insight and knowledge that you can leverage in your workplace. You will learn from innovation champions about how they have built sustainable and scalable public value innovation in their organisational context.

Upon completion of the program, you will join the “Switchers” alumni network. This will enable you to stay connected with a group of talented and committed community of public-value professionals who meet to share insights, lessons learned and support to sustain innovation.

Credit for Recognised Learning

When you complete this program, you can choose to study further, and may be eligible to receive up to 10 credit points towards Curtin’s flagship MBA Programs.

Samantha Seymour-Eyles, Manager Corporate Communications, City of Cockburn

Curtin, through its Switch Program, is undertaking a very important role in WA – it is developing a network of innovators through an academic lens, sprinkled with lots of real life examples of recent innovation from some of the best leaders and innovators WA has to offer. Using current state government strategies as case studies is logical and makes absolute sense. I believe and hope that this course and its graduates are building the momentum to normalise innovation in government in WA.

Mary Manov, Manager Innovation and Research, Optima Centre

Completing the 2019 Switch Program was a valuable learning experience that provided me with new tools and knowledge to utilise in my current role as innovation manager at Dept of Finance. The Program was a good balance of practical and academic sessions. It was professionally organised and presented and provided a great opportunity to connect and collaborate with local and state government people, further building a strong innovation ecosystem in WA.

Scott Reitsema, Manager Public Health and Safety, City of Albany

As a participant of the inaugural Switch program, I was very impressed with the amount of learning that took place in a relatively short amount of time. I appreciated the style of teaching and the active participation. It was a great opportunity to work with like-minded people from across a range of local and state government departments – many of whom I would never have had the opportunity to work with outside of this program.

Innovation is not typically pursued in roles like mine, where there is a lot of regulation focus. However, I would encourage anyone in any role to take part in Switch as it really does switch on your innovation and open up opportunities, as I have already seen since taking part.

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