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Curtin University offers an exciting series of Minors for students studying the Bachelor of Arts (B-ARTS), Bachelor of Commerce (B-COMM) or the Bachelor of Science (Science) (B-SCNCE). Minors help prepare students to develop broad knowledge about an additional discipline area that complements their study in an award course.

Minors are designed to enhance graduate employability by enhancing course outcomes relating to leadership, work integrated learning, international mobility, intercultural perspectives and/or communication.

You may be eligible to enrol in one or more of these minors, subject to the availability of at least 100 elective credits in the course structure (excluding the pre-major) that you are currently studying.

Students who wish to study a minor should contact their Student Services Office to amend their study plan as soon as practical and no later than the final semester of their course.

Please also be aware of the conditions relevant to the minors – Rules for Minors [.pdf 16kB]

Course title Course code
Accounting for Business Decisions Minor MINU-ACCTG
Advertising Design Minor MINU-ADVDS
Advertising Minor MINU-ADVRT
Architecture and Culture Minor MISU-ARCCU
Art and Design, History and Theory Minor MINU-ADHIS
Asian Studies Minor MINU-ASIAN
Chinese Language Minor MINU-CHNSE
Creative Writing Minor MINU-CRWRI
Data Analytics for Business Minor MINU-DABUS
Data Science Minor MISU-DATSC
Entrepreneurship Minor MINU-ENTRP
Event Management Minor MINU-EVNTM
Fine Art Minor MINU-FNART
Geography Minor MINU-GEOGR
Graphic Design Minor MINU-GRPDS
History Minor MINU-HISTR
Human Rights Minor MINU-HRIGT
Human Resource Management Minor MINU-HRMGM
Information Studies Minor MINU-INFST
Information Management in Business Minor MINU-INMGT
International Business Minor MINU-INBUS
Interior Architecture – Design Studio Practice Minor MISU-INARP
Internet Communications Minor MINU-NETCM
Internet Design Minor MINU-NETDS
Japanese Language Minor MINU-JAPAN
Journalism Minor MINU-JOURN
Literary and Cultural Studies Minor MINU-LITCU
Management Minor MINU-MNGMT
Marketing Minor MINU-MRKTG
Photography Minor MINU-PHOTO
Planning for Sustainable Development Minor MISU-SUSDE
Professional Writing Minor MINU-PRWRI
Property Investment Minor MINU-PROPT
Public Relations Minor MINU-PUBRL
Screen Production Minor MINU-SCPRD
Screen Studies Minor MINU-SCSTD
Security Studies Minor MINU-SCRTY
Statutory Planning Minor MISU-STATP
Theatre Arts Minor MINU-THTRA
Tourism and Hospitality Minor MINU-TRHOS
Urban Design and Planning Minor MISU-URDES
Visualisation and Interactive Media Minor MINU-VISTC