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Human Rights

Earn a MicroMasters credential in the field of contemporary human rights from Curtin University by completing three verified courses in our MicroMasters of Human Rights program.

Enrich your understanding of human rights ideas and practices at local, national and international levels throughout this series of three online 12-week courses that include:

  • Human Rights Theory and Philosophy: Explore what is meant by human rights through learning about the development of the conventional understanding of universal human rights as well as some of the major critiques of the concept.
  • Human Rights and Development: Discover why a critical understanding of development is paramount to addressing poverty, inequality, climate change, indigenous rights and issues of social justice.
  • Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change: Learn about the role of social movements, advocacy groups and activism in bringing about social change.

The series is multidisciplinary and will benefit anyone wanting to begin or advance their career across a broad range of disciplines. Gaining an awareness of contemporary issues in human rights is important in professions such as education, health, social work and development work, both in the public and private sector. You can also benefit from human rights knowledge in a voluntary capacity, advocating social justice, peace or building a sustainable future.

Successful completion of all three verified courses provides an entry pathway into the Master of Human Rights degree program at Curtin University, which can be studied on campus or fully online. Subject to meeting Curtin’s admission criteria, you will receive credit for three of the ten units that comprise the degree program.


Frequently asked questions

CurtinX MicroMasters credential in Human Rights

What is the MicroMasters credential - Human Rights?

The MicroMasters credential – Human Rights is a standalone certification program offered by CurtinX. It consists of three intensive online courses:

  • HRIG1x Human Rights Theory and Practice
  • HRIG2x Human Rights and Development
  • HRIG3x Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change

The total cost of this MicroMasters credential is USD$900. It is important to also note that the MicroMasters is NOT a degree-granting program nor is it a guarantee of admission to Curtin or the Master of Human Rights degree. It is a separate stand-alone professional certificate.

How do I enrol in the MicroMasters credential?

You should register for each individual course as your schedule permits. You register on the edX platform. You can take the courses in any order but we recommend that you enrol in HRIG1x Human Rights Theory and Practice first.

Credential and certificates

Will I earn a separate certificate for each course or just one for the MicroMasters?

You will receive an individual verified certificate for each HRIGx course that you pass as a verified student. Students passing the three HRIGx courses will receive a MicroMasters credential.

How do I earn a verified certificate?

To earn a verified certificate for each course you need to successfully complete the associated assessment activities within each course. The verified certificate costs USD$300 per HRIGx course to administer, and requires you to verify your identity using a webcam and a government-issued ID, so employers and schools know that you completed the course work. Verified certificates are issued by edX under the name CurtinX and are delivered online through

What is the “pass” grade for each course within the MicroMasters credential?

The passing grade for each MicroMasters course is usually 70 per cent.

Entry to the Master of Human Rights degree

What are the pathways to enrol in the Curtin Master of Human Rights degree?

You have two pathways to apply for admission to the Curtin Master of Human Rights degree.

  1. Direct application to Curtin University and achievement of all admission criteria.
  2. Attainment of the MicroMasters credential in Human Rights with a minimum score of 80% or higher in all three courses, successful completion of the Admission Test, completion of a degree from a recognised university and demonstrated proficiency in English language. Dependent on the discipline of your Bachelor degree you may also require at least one year of work experience within the Human Rights field.
Does completion of the MicroMasters credential guarantee admission to the Curtin Master of Human Rights program?

No. Completion of the MicroMasters credential does not guarantee admission into the Master of Human Rights program at Curtin. You will need to meet the admission criteria for the Degree program.

Can completion of the MicroMasters credential in Human Rights be used as credit?

No. The MicroMasters credential in Human Rights is only a pathway to the Curtin Master of Human Rights degree.

Is there a limit to the number of students accepted into the Master of Human Master of Human Rights program?

Yes, in addition to the standard admission criteria, there will only be a very limited number of places allocated to students who have completed the MicroMasters credential in Human Rights.