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Internet of Things (IoT)

This MicroMasters program will put you at the front of a digital revolution, where you can design problem-solving systems or guide cutting-edge IoT projects in your industry and area of expertise.

To be awarded the MicroMasters credential, you must complete and successfully earn a Verified Certificate in all six courses below, including the IoT Capstone Project:

  • Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT): Gain an understanding of what the IoT is and the requirements to design your own IoT solutions. Start developing IoT ideas in your industry.
  • IoT Sensors and Devices: Explore various IoT devices and sensor types, how they work, and how we connect them. Map out the process for developing your own IoT ideas.
  • IoT Networks and Protocols: Learn about IoT networks and the protocols and standards associated with the Internet and how these apply to the IoT.
  • IoT Programming and Big Data: Learn how to apply software solutions for different systems and Big Data needs to your IoT designs.
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy in the IoT: Learn about the security and privacy implications of the IoT and how to design a secure system.
  • IoT Capstone Project: Engage fully in the process of designing an IoT solution, from initial analysis of the creative idea to planning out the product, research and design, and identifying a route to market.

Successful completion of all six verified courses provides an entry pathway into the Master of Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering) program at Curtin (please note that this Masters also requires applicants to have a Bachelor of Engineering degree). Subject to meeting Curtin’s admission criteria, you will receive 100 credits towards the 400 credit Master of Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering) degree program.


Frequently asked questions

CurtinX MicroMasters credential in the Internet of Things (IoT)

What is the MicroMasters credential - Internet of Things (IoT)?

The MicroMasters credential – Internet of Things (IoT) is a standalone certification program offered by CurtinX. It consists of six intensive online courses:

  • IOT1x Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • IOT2x IoT Sensors and Devices
  • IOT3x IoT Networks and Protocols
  • IOT5x Cybersecurity and Privacy in the IoT
  • IOT6x IoT Capstone Project

The six courses cost between USD$99 and $599 each with a total cost of USD$1294. It is important to also note that the MicroMasters program is NOT a degree-granting program nor is it a guarantee of admission to Curtin or the Master of Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering) degree. It is a separate stand-alone professional qualification.

How do I enrol in the MicroMasters credential?

You should register for each individual course as your schedule permits. You register on the edX platform. We recommend that you enrol in IOT1x Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) first.

Credential and certificates

Will I earn a separate certificate for each course or just one for the MicroMasters?

You will receive an individual verified certificate for each IOTx course that you pass as a verified student. Students passing the six IOTx courses will receive a MicroMasters credential as an additional certificate.

How do I earn a verified certificate?

To earn a verified certificate for each course you need to successfully complete the associated assessment activities within each course. The verified certificate costs between USD$99-$599 per IOTx course to administer, and requires you to verify your identity using a webcam and a government-issued ID, so employers and schools know that you completed the course work. Verified certificates are issued by edX under the name CurtinX and are delivered online through

What is the “pass” grade for each course within the MicroMasters credential?

The passing grade for each MicroMasters course is usually 70%, however learners should familiarise themselves with the specific requirements of each course.

Entry into the Master of Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering) degree

What are the pathways to enrol in the Curtin Master of Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering) degree?

You have two pathways to apply for admission to the Curtin Master of Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering) degree.

  1. Direct application to Curtin University and achievement of all admission criteria.
  2. Attainment of the MicroMasters credential in The Internet of Things (IoT) with a minimum score of 70% or higher in all six courses, completion of a Bachelor of Engineering degree from a recognised university and demonstrated proficiency in English language.
Does completion of the MicroMasters credential guarantee admission to the Curtin?

No. You will need to meet all the admission criteria for the Degree program, including a recognised Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Is there a limit to how many students are accepted into the Master of Engineering?

Yes, in addition to the standard admission criteria, there will be a limited number of places allocated to students who have completed the MicroMasters credential in the Internet of Things (IoT).