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Online units for undergraduate courses

Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (Health Sciences)

What units do I need to study?

To complete the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (Health Science), you’ll combine a number of core units and specialised units in your chosen discipline. To begin the course, you’ll study several core units, as listed on these Handbook pages:

As you complete the core units, you’ll be able to choose from a number of disciplines. These are known as majors. For example, if you study a Bachelor of Commerce and really enjoy Marketing you may opt to pick Marketing as your major. If so, you’ll need to study specialised units in Marketing. See the list of majors and links to unit lists in the ‘Majors and units‘ section below.

When can I start studying my chosen units?

Once you have an idea of the major you want to study, you’ll need to check the unit availability, which is the time of year you can study your chosen unit. Follow these steps to help you find the unit availability.

1. Find your unit

Go to the Handbook page that lists your units. In the case of the Bachelor of Commerce, this will either be the list of common core units or the list of units for a major (you’ll find links to these lists below.)

Click on the hyperlinked unit code for the unit – it’ll be in the far left column of the table.

2. Find the unit availability

Once you’re on the unit page, scroll down to the ‘Availability’ section. This shows you the period in which you can study. In this example, a ‘Y’ under the Fully Online heading indicated that you can study this unit online in the corresponding study period. Here’s an example:

Unit example on Handbook

Majors and units

Bachelor of Commerce online majors and units
Bachelor of Science (Health Science) online majors and units

Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) and Bachelor of Science (Health and Safety) Double Degree