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Criminal record screening and clearance (health)

Many courses and/or some fieldwork host organisations require students to undertake criminal record screening prior to commencing fieldwork. The type of clearance you require varies between government and non-government fieldwork host organisations. The recency of the clearance will also vary depending on the fieldwork host organisation and you may at times be asked to update your clearance as stipulated by the fieldwork host. During fieldwork you will be required to carry, and produce on request, documented proof of criminal screening.

Processing times of applications can take several months depending on the type of clearance. Please check with the relevant organisation for current costs. You will be responsible for all costs associated with mandatory screening requirements for fieldwork.

Fieldwork in a setting outside of Western Australia may require additional clearance checks. The onus is on you to obtain this information from your placement provider.

Details and further information on criminal record screening and clearance requirements will be provided by your school prior to commencing fieldwork.

Note: If the criminal screening process identifies that you have a criminal record, it may preclude you from undertaking the essential fieldwork placements required for course completion.